Mako Shark Tooth

Mako Shark Teeth - Your Fossil Fix

How old can Mako Shark Teeth be?

Mako shark teeth can vary in age depending on the geological formation in which they are discovered. These teeth can range from tens of thousands to millions of years old.

What kind of environment do you find Mako Shark Teeth in? 

Fossilized Mako shark teeth have been found in various locations around the world, often in marine sedimentary rock formations. They can be discovered in coastal regions, ancient seabeds, and even in inland areas where ancient oceans once existed.

How do you know how old a Mako Shark Tooth is? 

The specific age of a Mako shark tooth fossil depends on the geological context of its discovery. Some fossils might date back to the Cenozoic Era, which began around 66 million years ago and extends to the present day. Others could be from different periods within the Mesozoic Era, which preceded the Cenozoic.

Where in the world are Mako Shark Teeth found?

Fossilised Mako shark teeth have been discovered in locations such as the United States (including states like Florida and North Carolina), Europe, Africa, and various other regions with ancient marine deposits.


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